Matthew’s Graduation shoot



Congrats to Matthew for graduating from high school! I know there is a lot in store for this young man and he’s ambition and drive will get him there. I’m starting this gallery off with a family portrait because I truly believe that family is a very big part of success. These kids are the sweetest teenage boys I have met they are so respectful and humble and I know that it’s because they have such a great dad.

Elisabel Photography-0480 BLOG
Elisabel Photography-0392BLOGElisabel Photography-0442Elisabel Photography--3BLOGElisabel Photography-0039 BLOGElisabel Photography--5BLOGElisabel Photography-0185BLOGElisabel Photography-0076 copyElisabel Photography-0158 copyElisabel Photography-0313Elisabel Photography-0237BLOGElisabel Photography-0317BLOGELISABEL PHOTOGRAPHY-MATTHEWElisabel Photography-0348BLOGElisabel Photography-0416 BLOGElisabel Photography

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